Paul Gigot, SCOTUS and the Affordable Care Act

By Gregg A. Masters, MPH

WSJ Editorial Page Editor Paul Gigot handicaps the highly anticipated SCOTUS ruling following the disgusting ‘silenced majority’ ad copy piece fronting an otherwise informative clip (shame on the WSJ, they know better!). This is more evidence of the real world impact via the triumph of Citizens United and the more recent ‘we know better than you Montana folk’ over-reach of the ‘small government [when it’s convenient] crowd’ via the recent American Tradition Partnership, Inc. v. Bullock ruling.

Yet I digress, as Gigot opines:

My ideal outcome would be to overturn the whole law

Inside the Murdoch empire, I’m sure the executive compensation and benefits package from which Mr. Gigot proffers his lofty opinion is a rather attractive and well funded set of tax advanaged [read subsidy] healthcare benefits. Perhaps if he were one of the 50 million plus uninsured, his perspective might be a little different.


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