ACOs, Accountable Care and the Digital Health ‘App Market’

By Gregg A. Masters, MPH

So much of the innovation metabolism witnessed today via social media and seeping into mainstream consideration, seems to be sucked up in the many, perhaps oversupplied and under utilized consumer facing ‘digital health apps’ market. We have yet to see these app driven forces of nature materially unleashed in the healthcare borg. However, this may be changing.

Clearly there is a need to drive, enable or otherwise vision and frame local implementation pathways of the sole agenda that should be pre-occupying the interactive or social media domain, i.e., the triple aim, see: ‘The Triple Aim Sets the Agenda for Healthcare Social Media Community‘.

We stand at a point in history where the power of these tools, platforms, developer communities and the clusters of collective wisdom they can enable in support of a particular transformative cause is unprecedented. The key question is what ‘master’ are you serving? Is it about sustainability of the ‘all in patient centric healthcare ecosystem‘ posited by Dr Reed Tuckson aka @DrReedTuckson of United HealthGroup, see: ‘Digital Health Summit: Reed Tuckson, MD, SVP United HealthGroup‘ or a quick niche market entry and exit play?

As I tweeted earlier today:

Pulse check: the time is now, what are you doing to advance the #tripleaim?

The last time the healthcare social media community was faced with this opportunity for engagement it was in the form of the rancorous healthcare reform debate. From the House to the Senate and ultimately the President’s desk to town halls, the blogoshere and twitter it was a monumental undertaking (and historical) accomplishment I might add.

As someone who tweeted line item, by line item the Senate Finance Committee’s consideration of what would ultimately become the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, including some 600 or so frivolous amendments (see complete history here) proferred by the Republican side to slow if not derail it’s adoption, I can tell you there was precious little support or advocacy by the acknowledged healthcare social media thought leadership.

Hopefully things will be different this time, and peeps will take a stand in support of the Act, ACOs and the mantra of the triple aim. This is a critical time in the e-patients, healthcare wonk, clinical practitioner and institutional provider space including our proactive payor partners.

So let’s get ‘er done!


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