National ACO Patient Engagement Benchmarking Survey

By Gregg A Masters, MPH

Earlier today Avado released a National ACO Benchmark Survey directed to select ACO avadoand accountable care industry executives. A core component of ACO success from both a financial and outcomes perspective, and critical to the fulfillment of the triple aim, ‘patient engagement’ is a broadly cast, locally flavored and otherwise rather ambitious undertaking. In an industry that typically did not have to think in such aggregate (population level or shared governance) nor granular (patient centric, beneficiary engaged) terms, this is no walk in the park. For an itemization of CMS indicia of patient centered-ness see:‘The ACO Must…’ Towards an Operational Definition of ‘Patient Engagement.’

Avado’s CEO Dave Chase introduces the survey as follows:

We invite you to participate in a benchmarking study on readiness for patient engagement. This survey is being sent to hundreds of ACO executives to elevate the importance of Patient Relationship Management (PRM) and the role they can play to positively impact the health and financial outcomes for ACO risk assumption.

The results from all participating ACO executives across the country will be compiled and sent back to you, along with an invitation to view a webinar about the top ten things to know about PRM with at least one of the authors of the forthcoming HIMSS book on patient engagement: “Engage! Transforming Healthcare through Digital Patient Engagement”, as a thank you for participating.

To access the survey, click here. The Deadline for completion is Monday, February 4th, 2013.

Chase continues:

Those who’ve studied patient portals have made the analogy that legacy patient portals are akin to pre-Google web search i.e., low-value and a “marketing checkbox”. Google demonstrated that there was value that could be unlocked. The organizations that understood this early such as Amazon and Expedia gained a massive advantage over their competition that their competitors never recovered from. Likewise, the organizations that recognize the value of PRM will gain a major advantage over their competition while better serving their patients.


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