Key Steps to Successfully Implement Bundled Payment

By Gregg A. Masters, MPH

Are you tasked with ‘accountable care’ strategy, clinical integration or even business model innovation at your hospital, health system, medical group, practice or healthcare network?

Then you will be interested in this timely session on Bundled Payment.

Just consider the history (and on again off again promise) of bundling payment for healthcare services – which has a long one indeed. Recently and fueled by the passage of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) it’s value proposition and integration upside, bundled payment has been ‘re-discovered’.Richard Gilfillan MD

When you reflect on this discontinuous ‘timeline of consideration’ (from HCFA circa 1991 to CMS in 2011) of the role of bundled payment as viable health policy reform (regardless of political ideology), I can not escape connecting the dots between strategy and people. Here and perhaps not coincidentally linked is the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation’s (CMMI) first director’s tenure and bundled payment DNA, i.e., Rick Gilfillan, MD who was/is intimately familiar with Geisinger’s ‘ProvenCare’ program – innovation in bundled payment and performance guarantees.

During an interview (see keynote here) I asked Dr. Gilfillan why so few have adopted the ProvenCare model to which he replied with some ‘angst’ –  I have no earthly clue (paraphrased).

In ‘Key Steps to Successfully Implement Bundled Payment’ courtesy of the Health Care Incentives Improvement Institute (HCI3) we are treated to a well detailed history, update and future promise of the renewed emphasis on bundling not just payment but also the underlying culture of collaboration the formula will require.

This program was recorded June 24th 2014 with Bailit Health Purchasing’s Michael Bailit and Marge Houy serving as principal faculty.




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