CMS Innovation Challenge

By Gregg A. Masters, MPH

Great webinar today, via the third in a series on the practical implementation of the ‘triple aim’ concept, yes you can ‘kill’ (figuratively) a man, but not the powerful ideas he represents (kudos Don!, you live on in the hearts and minds of many).

Today’s program description and more can be found via ‘Health Care Innovation Challenge webinar: Achieving Lower Costs Through Improvement‘.

Once again, amidst the noise generated by the ‘feverish clods of grievances and ailments crowd’ we witness the public sector creating opportunities for the private sector to walk the innovation talk, and ‘be the change’ if you will.

Via the rather impressive funding commitment provisioned in the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, some $900,000,000 has been allocated to a ‘show us the money’ challenge. By stimulating (aka ‘incentivizing’) the private sector, as well as hybrid community/private initiatives to step forward and demonstrate outcomes consistent with the triple AIM concept, see IHI’s reference article ‘The Triple Aim: Optimizing health, care and cost’, here, the industry (not Government) is asked to ‘heal’ itself.

The letter of intent deadline (LOI) is fast approaching, i.e., 12.19.11, so go to the full grant program description here, and download the application here (both PDFs).

If you missed I tweeted to the #cmsIC hashtag here. FWIW, the tweetstream is packed with some very useful references including a series of open health data sources!

This seems to be one giant opportunity for direct practice with membership model core’s to step forward and demonstrate their value proposition. It appears that many will meet the eligibilty criteria (see page 17). We are exploring whether to submit under the or other alliance type umbrella. If you are interested, please send me an @ reply on Twitter or via DM ASAP! (there is much to do).


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