Platforms, Accountable Care and Results

By Vince Kuraitis

What do Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google have in common?

Eric Schmidt, Chairman (and former President) of Google, coined the term “Gang of Four” in referring to the similar platform/application technical architecture and business models of these companies. In the case of Apple iOS and Google Android OS, much of the value is created by the 500K+ applications built on these platforms, not just by the platform themselves.

So four of the largest, most successful companies in the world are built on platforms — what does this imply for health care? Are “platforms” in health care a “Nice to Have” or a “Must Have”?

Understanding that most folks have probably never even thought to ask the question, I believe that platforms will soon become a “Must Have” in health care.

You can view an initial strategic/high level webinar or slide deck in which I argue that platforms will be a “Must Have” in health care. My colleague Shahid Shah (The Healthcare IT Guy) and I will be writing more on this topic in the near future.

This webinar will be a part of next week’s Future Care Web Summit 2012, and is made available to you courtesy of MCOL. Please check out their event.

You can download the slides here

or view the webinar (synced slides with audio). The file is 75 MB, so it might take a while to download. The webinar is about 17 minutes long.

…and if the topic of platforms/applications piques your interest, plan to attend the eCollaboration Forum on February 23, a part of HIMSS12. Shahid and I will be presenting on the topic: “The Future of Collaborative Health Platforms.”

Vince Kuraitis publishes the informative blog ‘‘ from which this post is drawn. For a bio on Vince, click here.


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