SCOTUS and the ACA: Day 1

By Gregg A. Masters, MPH

Perhaps the hearing of the new century thus far? The Supreme Court of the United States takes up the challenges submitted with respect to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

From the social media ‘journalism domain’, two hashtags received the predominant volume of tweets tagged to the event; they include: #SCOTUS, and #ACAhearings (both are partial digital footprints representing the last 50 tweets only, including the accounts reached and impressions generated).

For complete realtime coverage collapsing both #ACAhearings and #SCOTUS hashtags, click here.

Several blogs were tweeting contemporaneous commentary on the proceeding, two notable sources include:

The Wall Street Journal and the SCOTUSblog.

With some color and tea leaves interpretation, check out Dr. Jaan Sidorov’s blog for the bi-partisan common theme extraction on The Disease Management Blog via ‘Showdown at the SCOTUS Corral‘.

Useful context pieces include:

For those of you healthwonk junkies, C-Span is airing the replay of the event here (check for schedule).

Finally, the complete transcript from Day 1 is available here.


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