Maggie Mahar, Robert Reich, Michael Cannon and Grace Marie Turner on SCOTUS ACA Ruling

By Gregg A. Masters, MPH

Courtesy of a tweet via Gary Levin aka @glevin1 we note the following  @Google+ Hangout post SCOTUS ruling discussion. NOTE: there is a slight delay in the clip.

The chat is facilitated by David Firestone aka @fstonenyt and includes an eclectic mix of the academic, think tank and ideological spectrum including Maggie Mahar, aka @Maggie Mahar, @UCBerkeley Professor Robert Reich, aka @RBReich, Michael F. Cannon, aka @MFcannon of @CatoInstitute, and Grace Marie Turner of @GalenInstitute aka @GraceMarieTweet!

Considering all the noise from peeps who know little to nothing about healthcare, it’s oh so ‘tender underbelly’ and fundamentally flawed if not schizophrenic financial incentives and resulting business models, but are none-the-less convinced that anything Obama puts his name to must be bad, this is a breath of fresh air in the thoughtful exchange about the realities of the Act and it’s challenge to be more broadly embraced by a confused American public.


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