Healthcare Unbound: San Francisco July 19th & 20th 2012

By Gregg A. Masters, MPH

Later this month amidst the mix of keynotes, panels and breakout sessions one will find relevant content specific to ACOs, accountable care and the pursuit of the triple aim. For complete conference details click here.

Two sessions of interest, include:

The keynote address: The Future of Platforms and Healthcare Unbound (aka un-tethered or digital health) by Vince Kuraitis, JD aka @vincekuraitis

  • Are Platforms a “Nice to Have” or a “Must Have”?
  • What are Key Characteristics of HU Platforms?
  • How Can Platforms Unlock Patient Value and Competitive Advantage?
  • How Do We Prepare for the Future? What are Action Steps?

This subject was of great interest at HiMSS 2012 and a top tweet in the tweetstream for quote some time both during and post conference.


Technology Innovation in and Around ACOs: A Perspective on Factors Impacting Care Coordination, Moderator: Mirena Bagur, Technology Practice Leader, ReviveHealth & Assoc. Course Director “Enabling Technology Innovation in Healthcare and the Life Sciences

Louis Burns, CEO, Intel-GE Care Innovations, aka @CareInnovations
Brent Lang, President & COO, Vocera Communication

Be sure and follow the conference hashtag via #hub12


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