Accountable Care, ACOs and the ‘New OS’: An Emerging Zeitgeist?

By Gregg A. Masters, MPH

…or might the movement just be the very oxygen essential to achieve the triple aim?

We’ll get one man’s take on the Wednesday July 24th 2013 broadcast at 12 noon Pacific/3PM Eastern when my special guest is thought leader, deep thinker and advocate for patient centric healthcare Leonard Kish, aka @LeonardKish progenitor of the ‘Patient Engagement is the Blockbuster Drug of Century‘ characterization by Dave Chase.

To listen, go to ‘This Week in Accountable Care‘. This Week in Accountable Care | @ACOwatch | Hosted by Gregg A. Masters

I’ve titled the interview: Leonard Kish On Accountable Care and the ‘New OS’. In a recent blog post Leonard equated the push into Accountable Care (generically speaking and ACOs as one subset) as the equivalent of the ‘new, new thing’ or even zeitgeist shift as the ‘new OS’ required to move the needle forward on our paths towards ‘triple aim’.

Tieing comments from @lumeris VP Jim Hansen on the disruptive nature of ACOS, i.e., ‘Value-based care is a transformational journey, not a backend contract driven program that you overlay onto your existing delivery system organization’s people, processes and technologies and expect different results” to a Microsoft PC/software era value proposition analogy made by Tim O’reily Leonard notes:

..the OS abstracts away the difficulty in managing all the devices and processes the computer runs so applications can focus on what the user wants to do. When Microsoft entered the market in the 80s that was their value proposition, simplicity for developing new applications by abstracting away the other processes. Health care, under value-based payment, will soon have the same opportunity.’Leonard is a deep and insightful thinker in the space, our previous discussion of his take was in the form of ‘dark matter in healthcare: patient goals.

We shall see if the ‘OS’ metaphor holds traction for the transformaton.

To join us live or via archived replay click here.


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