‘ACOchat’ is Born!

On Tuesday, April 26th, 2011, at 3PM Eastern and 12PM Pacific join us for the first ACO focused TweetChat. Our session moderator is Mark Browne, M.D., aka @consultdoc.  During the 1 hour scheduled TweetChat, we’ll consider and discuss 3 to 4 topics specific to ACO’s.

(NOTE: With this launch, we’ll add another scheduled TweetChat to an expanding universe of real-time social media conversations. For an excellent compendium of TweetChats produced by our friends at The Fox Group, see the ‘Healthcare Hashtag Project‘).

We’ve been on the ACO narrative for some time now, producing content both for this blog as well the weekly series ACO Watch: A Mid-Week Review. With the recent release of the proposed regulations implementing ACO’s there is considerable downstream buzz: some negative, some positive with a considerable portion in the ‘wait and see’ camp. After all this is only a proposed rule, albeit one formed with various degrees of input across the broad spectrum of healthcare stakeholders, with considerable complexity at its core.

As pointed out recently, there are perhaps more questions that answers embedded in these draft rules, see: The ACO Regulations – Some Answers, More Questions.

For additional context see ACOchat, and please help us make this event a worthwhile community experience. 


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