Accountable Care and HiMSS 2012

By Gregg A. Masters, MPH

On the Wednesday, February 15th 2012 broadcast at 11AM Pacific/2PM Eastern, my special guest on the HIMSS 2012 Countdown Series was Vince Kuraitis,  aka @VinceKuraitis, publisher of the ‘e-care Management blog.We spoke on the connection between ‘HIT Platforms and accountable care.’

We’re one week out from the HIMSS 2012 conference in Las Vegas, and the anticipation is palpable. For conference details, click here.

One of the key events I plan on covering via is the eCollaboration Forum on Thursday, February 23rd.

As we debate the pathways to enable the accountable care vision the role of health information technology is at the core of those discussions.

As additional context, you might want to download the free eHealth Initiative survey, see: ‘Support for Accountable Care: Recommended Health IT Infrastructure‘, highlights duly noted by Neil Versel at Interoperable IT Crucial For Accountable Health Organizations.


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