ACOs, Patients, Consumers and the Dark Matter Glue that Makes it All Work

By Gregg A. Masters, MPH

It’s been a brutal pace and schedule of late and one of the pieces I’ve omitted from presenting here is titled: Building Patient-Centeredness in the Real World: The Engaged Patient and the Accountable Care Organization‘ proffered by colleague and friend Michael Millenson, aka @MLMillenson, President, Health Quality Advisors LLC.

I received a heads-up on the timely publication and further notice during the Third National ACO Summit, so better late than never Michael!

This is a great piece since it weaves many contemporary threads into the healthcare system redesign imperative. Inescapable synergies resonate from the e-patient movement, to the growing interest in the Society for Participatory Medicine, the continued explosive growth of engagement in social media, and the Final Rule relative to the implementation of both ‘shared governance’ and ‘patient centered-ness’ provisions of ACOs.

It is no secret that the patient’s (consumer’s) role in the ‘triple aim’ is as principal and partner. We are drowning under the weight of diseases of lifestyle choice. Before you even grant consideration to the cost shifting from plan-to-member that is permitting many of the group, individual, and even Medicare Advantage plans that are written and offered today, the handwriting is and has been on the wall that the burden for bending the cost curve has been squarely placed on the shoulders of the member/patient/consumer.

This piece is a must read, and welcome addition to the growing body of knowledge advancing the democratization of the healthcare experience!


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