SCOTUS and the ACA: Reflections on the Judgements of the Court

By Gregg A. Masters, MPH

On a special edition of ‘This Week in Accountable Care‘ we’re hosting a post ‘SCOTUS’ (Supreme Court of the United States) reflections session to consider the implications of their rulings.

We’re somewhat ‘on call’ in the scheduling department but SCOTUS must announce their opinion on Thursday, June 28th shortly after 10AM Eastern/7AM Pacific. So our show is slotted for 11AM Eastern/8AM Pacific.

The guest line-up is somewhat fluid but invites have been extended though not yet confirmed.

For context on the Affordable Care Act and reading the SCOTUS ‘tea leaves’ as well as some commentary see here, here and here.

As a point of clarification the innovation train under the broad framework of the accountable care movement as more specifically expressed via the pursuit of the ‘triple aim’ has been successfully introduced into the DNA and consciousness of the healthcare stakeholder community. Afterall, who can defend ‘un-accountable care’ (aka the status quo), anybody?  In a sense whatever SCOTUS ultimately decides is in part irrelevant, see: ‘ACOs are here to stay – Whatever the Court decides‘, ‘Life After the Supreme Court Ruling‘ and ‘ACOs not tied to health reform law’s fate, report finds‘ which suggest the ruling will not slow down the pace of delivery system and funding innovation the Act envisions both in the government as well as private sectors.

We will be tweeting and tagging to this broadcast via #ACOchat. For the tweet-stream see

To join us live or via archived replay, click here.


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