New England Healthcare Institute (NEHI) ACO Innovation Summit

November 27th, 2012 [Editor’s note: portions of broadcast present with low audio].

NEHI Summit Explores Innovations In the Emerging ACO Landscape

The opportunities – and the challenges – presented by the rapid movement towards Accountable Care Organizations were the subject of a recent NEHI summit that drew perspectives from across health care:

“I think ACOs have a whole lot of opportunity to improve the patient experience.” Amy Whitcomb Slemmer, Executive Director, Health Care for All

“This new model has changed the conversation. We now have information that lets us understand total medical expense.” Dr. Justine Carr, CMO, Steward Health Care System

“The ACO model has promise in terms of providing better feedback data along the whole continuum of care.”
Kathleen Buto, VP Global Health Policy, Johnson & Johnson

“In an ACO environment, how you use resources is something that people need to be held accountable for.”
Dr. Gene Lindsey, President and CEO, Atrius Health

NEHI is a Massachusetts based nonprofit, member based national health policy institute focused on enabling innovation that will improve health care quality and lower health care costs. Working in partnership with members from across the health care system, NEHI brings an objective, collaborative and fresh voice to health policy. We combine the collective vision of our diverse membership and our independent, evidence-based research to move ideas into action.

For recent NEHI insights into health reform, click here.


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