This Week in Accountable Care with Aetna Strategist Charles Saunders MD

By Gregg A. Masters, MPH

On the broadcast I chat with Charles Saunders MD, CEO of Emerging Businesses at Aetna. Dr. Saunder’s seat in the house of healthcare innovation is a unique perch and his tenure in the business brings both depth and breadth to fundamental questions we face as a collective industry.

A fountain of information and insight we discuss the emergence of all strains of ACO’s from the Medicare Shared Savings Program to accountable care collaborations and their public/private hybrids and derivative strains. There is strong demand from the provider community to work with Aetna as an infrastructure and strategic partner.

We originally broadcast this episode on September 18th 2012 under the blog post: ‘I’m Absolutely Bullish on the Future of Healthcare!‘ The story remains an important one and if anything, the momentum has only accelerated since up to and including the recent announcement of the launch of the National Association of ACOs earlier this month. Do yourself a favor and spend some time with Dr. Saunders, it is well worth the listen.


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