The 9 C’s of Accountable Care with Tom Doerr, MD

By Gregg A. Masters, MPH

Collaborative Payer Lumeris mastheadRecently I came across a blog post titled ‘The Nine C’s of Successful Accountable Primary Care Delivery’ by Tom Doerr, MD. I had the additional opportunity to participate in a portion of The Collaborative Payer Model: 5 Lessons for Accountable Care webinar which Dr. Doerr led wherein he unbundled some of the data and conclusions drawn from the Lumeris experience to date. This is a AMAZING session with deep and powerful information for emerging as well as risk savvy medical groups, IPAs or IDNs.

For an archived replay of The Collaborative Payer Model: 5 Lessons for Accountable Care webinar click hereACOwatch: This Week in Accountable Care

Meanwhile, on Wednesday, May 1st, 2013 broadcast of ‘This Week in Accountable Care’ at 12 Noon Pacific and 3PM Eastern, we get a second chance to engage with Dr. Doerr. You can listen live, or via archived replay.

Dr. Doerr is a soft spoken but highly informed physician who’s gained considerable experience under the auspices of Essence Healthcare, a Medicare Advantage organization under contract with the Federal Government, via a range of integrated contracting entities.

Join us!


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