The Window on the ACO Class of 2014 Is Closing Soon!

By Gregg A. Masters, MPH

For those of you not glued to your Tweetdeck, Hootsuite or other business or brand ‘listening’ outposts and/or dashboards 24/7, let me paste a series of tweets posted by @ACOwatch earlier today extracting some key points made by Martie Ross of PYA Health on the risks of inaction relative to the Medicare Shared Savings program:

Insights from Martie Ross, Principal PYA Health

On the risks on not submitting for the Medicare Shared Savings ACO program…

  1. Class of 2014 Medicare ‘NOI’ACO Deadline 5/31/13 | #aco
  2. Need roadmap for ACO risk/reward context? See: #aco #acochat
  3. ‘Don’t underestimate the power of the MSSP waivers…’ Martie Ross @pya_pyaHC #acochat #aco
  4. ‘If you’re participating, even claiming MSSP participation U have advantage of building financial relationships’ Martie Ross, @pya_pyaHC
  5. Unencumbered by Stark and other regulatory constraints via the waiver process… Martie Ross, @pya_pyaHC #ACOchat #ACO
  6. ‘..MSSP [ACO] waivers afford enormous freedom for a group of providers to build relationships that actually work..’ Martie Ross, @pya_pyaHC
  7. Last tip: MSSP waivers provide significant competitive advantages to legally forge ACO relationships. Martie Ross, @PYA_pyaHC #ACOchat
  8. Get complete ACO story here: Including link to radio broadcast with Martie Ross, @PYA_pyaHC. #ACO #ACOchat
  9. Some recent posts on the Medicare Shared Savings [ACO] program | #ACOchat #ACO

    NOTE: To download an MSSP submission checklist courtesy of @PYA_pyaHC, click on the image below, and for the Medicare ACO Roadmap, see: Medicare Shared Savings Program: A Road Map.

    MSSP Application Task List PYA

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