2nd Annual Leadership Summit on Integrated Delivery Systems

By Gregg A. Masters, MPH

Is the ‘old new again’? Some would say absolutely! However, there is a twist.

May 7th and 8th 2014 the World Healthcare Congress (agenda here) convenes the 2nd in their leadership summit series on ‘integrated delivery systems’, alternately known as ‘IDN’s (integrated delivery networks) at the Hilton Resort on Mission Bay in San Diego.John Mattison MD Keynote 2nd Annual World Healthcare Conference on IDS

One clue may be sourced from the opening keynote by HealthIT and transformational conference circuit veteran John Mattison, MD, CMIO Kaiser Permanente Southern California, titled ‘The Seasoned Perspective on Transitioning to a Risk-Based Payment Model’.

What triggered me was the reference to the ‘seasoned perspective’ Seasoning implies some maturity or experience over time. Some might even say, institutional memory –  in a 24/7/365 ADD driven sound byte culture is a context asset if not prerequisite of wisdom.

Dr. Mattison is a thought leader and driving force of Kaiser Permanente‘s foray into health information technology. As most know, Kaiser Permanente is a mature and best in class ‘integrated delivery system’ that is no stranger to any of the challenges associated with the triple aim or search for a sustainable healthcare ecosystem business model focused on care management, coordinated care and population health management.

While new to some, the above are not new to established IDN’s. In fact population health  management, care coordination and care management are core principals of real (vs. ad copy based) integrated delivery systems.

Mattison ticked off too many insights and connected a range of ecosystem dots too numerous to jot down during his talk. Fortunately, we were able to film the entire keynote and subject to necessary permissions, we’ll post here when approved.

So, perhaps ‘film at eleven?’

Meanwhile,  here is a very selective recap of some of Mattison’s thoughts.





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