The Journey to an Accountable Delivery System

By Gregg A. Masters, MPH

Colleague and industry veteran Jim Hansen penned a blog post some time ago titled: Accountable Care 2.0: It’s a Journey, Not a Program’, and we followed up with Jim via an interview: The ACO Narrative: ‘Accountable Care 2.0 is a Journey, Not a Program’ or ‘ObamaCare is Toast’?’.

Shortly thereafter at the AHIP meeting in Washington D.C. on Medicare and Medicaid two Lumeris clinical thought leadership executives presided over a breakout session on ‘The Journey to an Accountable Delivery System’. These insights offered in this session are forged from a Midwest health information technology solutions company that grew out of the experience with ‘at risk’ contracts (sans mission critical clinical, utilization and financial data) with Medicare Advantage. Perhaps somewhat unique in the HealthIT solutions space, Lumeris also operates a top rated 4.5 star Medicare Advantage plan under the as Essence Healthcare brand.Healtheon

Editor’s Note: Lumeris’ disruptive innovation roots dig much deeper into the genealogy of the healthcare transformational challenge via the original and rather ambitious roll-out of Healtheon (turned WebMD and more recently Emdeon), all during the pre-ubiquitous enabling healthIT backbone.

This session is an essential exploration into the convergence of mainstream medicine into accountable care. It is a deep dive into the implications and methodologies for delivery systems aspiring an ‘accountable chassis’ – whether solely clinically integrated network (CIN) or full turnkey (clinical & financial) integrated delivery system (IDS) – upon which to graft and/or plant their sustainable healthcare initiatives.








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