L. Gordon Moore, MD: Next on ACO Watch – A Mid-Week Review

On Wednesday, December 15th, at 11AM Pacific, and 2PM Eastern, my special guest commentator is l. Gordon Moore, MD, President of Ideal Medical Practices, former ‘chief evangelist’ of the HelloHealth University, and a participant on Twitter via @lgordonmooremd.

Dr. Moore is a thought leader in ‘exemplary primary care’, and a physician who is actively exploring the value proposition of new media tools, and digital health technologies to enable the more efficient organization of health care services to better meet the needs of consumers, payors and host primary and/or specialty care physicians.

On this third segment of ACO Watch: A Mid-Week Review we’ll explore the role of direct medical practices, aka primary care medical homes, in the unfolding ACO tapestry. While an unconventional dot to connect to a host (or ‘parent’) ACO, or even to extend traditional consideration to serve as a host ACO per se, a suitably configured (but yet to be defined in regulatory language) network of direct medical practices can indeed both qualify for ACO consideration, as well as earn eligibility to be included in emerging state Health Insurance Exchanges (HIE’s) as ‘qualified health plans’ under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA).

Many believe the core innovation that will determine the granular success or failure of the PPACA to achieve it’s ‘triple aim’ goals as outlined by Don Berwick recently, will be served up via niche and/or so-called ‘marginal players’ in the conversation. The direct medical practice movement (collectively including: retainer or membership based medicine, as well as certain concierge or boutique medical practices) is one of the candidate horses in the race.

To join us live or for an archived replay of the broadcast with Dr. Gordon Moore, click here.


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