ACO Watch: A Mid-Week Review

Tomorrow, January 26th, 2011 we’ll review headlines in the ACO market, and focus specifically on the cultural antecedents and pathways for engaging ‘independent physician’ participation in ACOs.

Other than mature IDN’s such as Mayo, Kaiser and Geisinger, et al, who have risen to the head of the class when discussing ACO potential, there is a second tier of ACO candidates that include Advocate Health Partners, and Monarch Healthcare; for context click here. We’ll consider their cultural standing, organization model, and strategies to appeal to the independent physician market, while also exploring the ability of physician leadership sourced from voluntary medical staff culture to add value to the ACO development conversation.

To  join us live or for an archived replay, click here.

On February 9th, self proclaimed ‘ blogvocateur’ Jaan Sidorov, MD, former medical director with Geisinger Health Plan, and publisher of the witty and insightful ‘Disease Management Blog‘, joins me to discuss his series of very informative blog posts, and key conference take aways,  from ‘ACOs Summit: A Transitional Model to Full Risk Care Management‘. To listen live, or via archived replay, click here.

On February 16th, Kevin Fickerscher, MD, joins me to discuss ‘ACO’s vs. Medical Homes: Is there a difference?’  Dr. Fickenscher serves as a Strategy, Development and Thought Leadership Officer for Dell Healthcare Services on an international basis. Prior to his current position, Dr. Fickenscher served as the Vice President for International Healthcare for Perot Systems which was acquired by Dell in November 2009. Dr. Fickenscher is a physician executive and leader with extensive experience in strategic and operational development in complex healthcare organizations. He has provided leadership for various organizations related to technology and information management, organizational transformation and development, physician management, health policy analysis, leadership development, clinical quality and resource/care management, among other areas. Dr. Fickenscher is considered to be a dynamic, visionary leader in healthcare throughout the world.

To listen live or via archived replay, click here.


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