Miss Commonwealth Fund Webinar on ACOs?

By Gregg A. Masters, MPH

If you did, do yourself a favor and watch the recorded broadcast ‘ACO Formation: Leading the Transition to New Models of Care‘, here.

My net take away from the event is total optimism that the clearer thinking brain trust who understand, ‘failure is not an option’ for a healthcare conundrum stakeholder community which has resisted serial attempts (both in the private and public sectors) dating back to the passage of the HMO Act in the 70s, are deep into the conversation in a ‘walking the talk’ way.

What a contrast to the serial whiners and hand wringers who rarely resist the anti-thinking pejourative slam of ‘ObamaCare’, perhaps raised to a different level of fear mongering only last night by candidate Gingrich who associated the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act with the ‘greatest threat to American liberty!’ Geesh, but I digress…..

This on the ground reporting shows that the parallel track of public, private initiative stimulated directly by the Act is well underway, and abetted not only by some of the brightest health wonk minds in the converation but a wide range of stakeholder community engagement from Hospital sponsored to payor enabled ACO models.

Do yourself a favor and watch the FREE rebroadcast of ‘ACO Formation: Leading the Transition to New Models of Care‘ (registration required)!

For complete program details, including the speaker presentations, click here.


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