Monarch HealthCare: Leveraging Expertise in Population Health Management

A Case Study in the Brookings–Dartmouth ACO Pilot Program

This case study examines the progress that Monarch HealthCare, a physician led independent practice association in Orange County, California, has made in
its efforts to become accountable for the quality and overall cost of care for its
patient population. Monarch HealthCare is one of the provider groups participating in the Brookings–Dartmouth ACO Pilot Program that are profiled in the Commonwealth Fund case study series Toward Accountable Care.
Accountable care organizations (ACOs) have been proposed as a new
delivery model to encourage clinicians, hospitals, and other health care organizations to work together to improve the quality of care and slow spending growth.

The Affordable Care Act’s ACO program is intended to promote better management and coordination of care for Medicare beneficiaries by enabling providers
working in ACOs to share in any savings they achieve. However, there is little evidence from the field on how health care organizations progress from traditional payment models toward the ACO model. To better understand this process, this case study documents Monarch HealthCare’s journey to develop an ACO.

To read the complete study, click here. Follow Monarch Healthcare via Twitter, here.


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