Florida Blue and US Oncology aka Advanced Medical Specialties JV Oncology ACO

By Gregg A. Masters, MPH

Clearly it was just a matter of time, and again the market is driving innovation outside the codified theater of what is, or isn’t, an ACO at least from the point of view of Federal regulation.

Regardless of the relative fiscal impact to the Medicare Trust Fund, i.e., where is the ‘low hanging fruit’ to accelerate ‘the triple aim’ (TTA): ie, better health, better healthcare, lower cost’, what other tapestry of coherent subspecialties present a more organic opportunity for integration and coordination of care upside than ‘oncology?’

NCI ‘comprehensive cancer center’ designations notwithstanding there’s a whole lotta room for improvement inside the value proposition of TTA gains in these ‘best in class’ trophy properties, let alone their less integrated or perhaps even silo-ed community oncology equivalents.

So yesterday thanks to the fine reporting of Lola Butcher, Oncology Times posted the following title: ‘First cancer-specific ACO Launches.’ Extract below:

‘The best business model for oncology care is not yet obvious to me. But it is crystal clear that innovative new models are being hatched before our eyes: First, the oncology medical home and now, the cancer-specific accountable care organization.’

‘As reported in OT last year, The US Oncology Network had hoped that the federal government would allow cancer-specific ACOs. That idea did not fly. But US Oncology was apparently undaunted: One of its affiliates has announced its own ACO in conjunction with a private insurer and a big health system.’

‘Advanced Medical Specialties, a US Oncology affiliate in Miami, has teamed with Florida Blue (the state’s Blue Cross and Blue Shield company) and Baptist Health South Florida to launch the new ACO.’

‘Our focus has been on…’

[Read complete OT piece here].

Congrats Lola very good work! And p.s. Kudos to Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida aka FloridaBlue, and US Oncology affiliate Advanced Medical Specialties for stepping up!


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