Health Reform Readiness Infographic

By Gregg A. Masters, MPH

We all love infographics, right? This one caught my eye today. Kind of a clever snapshot of the crap shoot we’re in relative to the legal and political uncertainty festering in the US today. The original graphic is courtesy of @HITconsultant via his blog here.

Whether this captures the essence of our health reform readiness or not, the survey findings are summarized as follows:

  • Despite intense debate, over 80% of health plans are implementing Healthcare Reform (HCR) initiatives
  • Consumer experience tops the agenda on the 2012 priority list for health plans with a focus on member satisfaction and service
  • 80% of health plans are in the “wait and watch” mode and only in planning stages with their Health Insurance Exchange (HIX) initiative
  • Nearly 40% of health plans are already implementing Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs); more than half are in planning stages


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  1. Hi Gregg, thank you for the post! Pls note – the original infographic is from @infosysPS (Infosys Public Services), the source of the survey. Also indicated at the bottom of the infographic. Appreciate the correction. Thank you!

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