The ACO is a Child of the ACA

By Gregg A. Masters, MPH

Only another battle has been won, (tho’ an effing big one at that), yet the war to re-engineer America’s healthcare borg remains intact and the Act is at risk to the outcome of November’s elections. In a perfect world 100% of our resources are committed to implementation of the vision, yet in a perfect world we do not dwell.

The SCOTUS decision notwithstanding the opposition has seemingly only upped the ‘repeal and replace‘ ante if nothing other than symbolically, see: ‘House Gears Up to Repeal Obamacare (Again).’

Yet on the replace front the vocal opposition has precious little to offer in terms of substance, see: ‘Republicans Plan To Replace Obamacare With Obamacare‘.

Want to test your knowledge of what’s in the Act, take the quiz below courtesy of the good folk at The Kaiser Health Foundation:

So today we start a new series to educate the grossly misinformed American public with a campaign and the associated hashtag of #ACA101, where ACA = the Affordable Care Act and 101 = a primer or ‘just the facts’ ma’am.

The intention is to convey the essence of the Affordable Care Act, ‘one tweet at a time.’ While the attention span of the average American is somewhere south of 8 seconds, we hold the possibility that a 2,471 page document set might be digestible via 140 characters at a time.

Join us, tag your tweets with #ACA101 if your intention is to educate, not confuse.


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