And the Circle Grows! CMS Announces Another Round of ACOs

By Gregg A. Masters, MPH

Industry watchers have to be impressed by the announcement from CMS today that effectively doubles the ACO count from prior reported totals.

CMS App Clipped

Is it just me, or can you can sense the subtle shift in market sentiment from skepticism to loss of first mover opportunity in one’s market.

For the list of newly anointed ACO’s with a start date of January 1, 2013, click here.

We’ll digest the details and un-bundle its significance for you shortly. i.e., ‘Columbus gets its first Obamacare Accountable Care Organization’ market by market, and model by model.

Take note: the filing application deadline for January 2014 go live date is Summer 2013! Get those apps in process!


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  1. You are right Mr. Masters, we own a therapy staffing group in South Florida that works directly with Home Health agencies in 3 different counties serving their Medicare patients and I have been preaching ACO’s to them for the past 16 months and no one, I mean no one knew about it (1200 Home Health agencies)… now I see them running around trying to learn and join one.

    1. Hi Christopher:

      The value and importance of the subacute network, especially home health both from a quality and prevention of readmission point of view will only grow. Some say it’s a ‘wag the dog’ situation, where downstream subacute providers drive the upstream acute care process via a focus on care transitions. Better communication and coordination is a must. Thanks for your comment.


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