J. Peter Rich, McDermott, Will & Emery to Kick Off ‘ACO Watch: A Mid-week Review’

On Tuesday, November 3oth, 2010 at 10:00, Pacific, ACO Watch: A Mid-week Review of the Market will launch with J. Peter Rich as special commentator.

Not a day goes by without some reference to Accountable Care Organizations or ‘ACO’s’ in print or online media whether of the main or ‘lame stream’ variety. Throw in the ‘digital river’, or new age after market whether via Twitter or other digital interactive media including an exploding blogosphere, and the conversations are considerable and will only grow in both volume and intensity.

Since we are time bound, and given the scale of the challenge and level of stakeholder interest, a mid-week review of the market seems a prudent way to track, vet, review and analyze the contenders including key industry issues.

To join us for the inaugural live (or archived replay) broadcast, click here.


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