Kent Bottles, MD Guest Commentator on 2nd ‘ACO Watch: A Mid-Week Review’

On Tuesday at 10AM Pacific, 1PM Eastern Kent Bottles, MD, (aka @kentbottles on Twitter) noted blogger, health care social media thought leader, lecturer and physician leadership role model and mentor will address ‘physician leadership and the collaboration imperative’.

Clearly as we prepare for the ‘roll out’, ‘ramp up’ or otherwise ‘peppering of the health care landscape’ with Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs), the core driver in any success paradigm given the ‘tripple aim objectives’ of Donald Berwick, MD, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Chief, will no doubt be the level and efficacy of physician leadership, and the cultural substrate in which it incubates. This segment will address the role of physician leadership, in a culture collaboration, in what is likely to be at hotbed of ACO development, management and general stewardship.

To listen live, or via archived replay or download, click here.


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