Health Industry Stakeholders to CMS on ACO’s: Published Comment Letters

In response to the request for comment proferred by CMS on November 17th, 2010 ‘Medicare Program; Request for Information Regarding Accountable Care Organizations and the Medicare Shared Saving Program’ the industry has spoken.

Below are select links to the respective submitting entities, and the issues they have called to the attention of CMS Chief, Donald Berwick, MD:

Charles N. Kahn III, on behalf of the Federation of American Hospitals.

Glenn M. Hackbarth, on behalf of MedPac.

Linda E. FIshman, on behalf of the American Hospital Association.

Fred Ralston, Jr. MD, FACP, on behalf of the American Collge of Physicians.

Karen S. Fisher, J.D., on behalf of the Association of American Medical Colleges.

Carmella Bocchino, on behalf of the American Health Insurance Plans.

Donald Crane, on behalf of the California Association of Physician Groups.

Michael D. Maves, MD, MBA on behalf of the American Medical Association.

This a limited selection. More will be added shortly; meanwhile feel free to add any omitted to date.


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