ACO Roundtable | On ACO Watch: A Mid-Week Review

On Friday April 1st, 2011 (yes, ‘April Fools day’) at 4PM Eastern and 1PM Pacific ACO Watch: A Mid Week Review will host a special roundtable series on the ‘hot of the press’ Notice of Proposed Rule pertaining to the implementation of Accountable Care Organizations. For the published rule, click here.

Our roundtable team will consist of Mark Browne, MD, PYA, aka @consultdoc, Vince Kuraitis, Better Health Technologies, LLC, e-Care Management blog, aka @VinceKuraitis, and David Harlow, the Harlow Group, LLC,  aka @healthblawg, with yours truly Gregg Masters, aka @2healthguru, as moderator and host.

To listen live, or via archived replay, click here. During the broadcast you may also listen in via (619) 393-2836, and even participate in the chatroom.


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