ACO Watch: A Mid-Week Review with Sheryl Skolnick, Ph.D.

On the Thursday, April 7th broadcast, at 11AM Pacific and 2PM Eastern, my special guest commentator is health care industry analyst, Sheryl Skolnick, Ph.D., Senior Vice President of CRT Capital Group, LLC, a Stamford, Connecticut based institutional brokerage. Dr. Skolnick recently published a report titled: ‘First Glance at Proposed Medicare ACO Rule: We Must Be Missing Something’.

For a repost of the report, click here.

In Sheryl’s words:

‘Our concern is this: we must be missing something major because, for the life of us, we can’t understand why any rational provider would incur the burdensome costs of establishing and operating an ACO, only to then be at risk for the major moral hazard inherent in the proposed ACO structure: providers who form ACOs (doctors, hospitals and post-acute providers) would be at risk for the cost of health care chosen by patients, yet would be expressly prohibited from requiring that patient to obtain that care within the ACO’.

To listen live or via archived replay, click here.


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