First ACOchat ‘In The Can’

On Tuesday, April 27th, with the able support and leadership of Mark Browne, MD, aka @consultdoc we experienced the first TweetChat focused on the Accountable Care Organization niche.

Many of our community members joined in and created a rich conversational stream around the three topics (T1, T2 & T3) generated for the moderated conversation, which included:

T1: Will ACO’s ultimately lead to any significant innovations in the world of healthcare?

T2: ACO’s have a large focus on primary care physicians. Will specialists be relegated to the role of ‘best vendor’?

T3: Telehealth is mentioned throughout the law, yet current regs are barriers to effective telemed? Can they be overcome?

For a complete transcript of the hour, click here, for a summary recap, click here (both courtesy of our friends at The Fox Group, LLC).

You may also visit ‘ACO Chat’ for a continuous loop of Tweets during the hour. ACOchat will convene for one hour weekly at 3PM Eastern and 12 Noon Pacific Time. Join us!


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