Don Berwick’s preso at 1st Accelerated Development Learning Program

On June 20th through the 22nd, 2011 the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) held the first of its ‘ACO Accelerated Development Learning Sessions (ADLS)’. The sessions are ‘to provide the executive leadership teams from existing or emerging ACO entities the opportunity to learn about essential ACO functions and ways to build capacity needed to achieve better care, better health, and lower costs through improvement.’

‘Four ADLSs will be offered in 2011. Each will offer a focused curriculum on core competencies for ACO development, such as improving care delivery to increase quality and reduce costs; effectively using health information technology and data resources; and building capacity to assume and manage financial risk.’

The goal of these sessions is to prepare participants to:

  • Understand their current readiness to become an ACO.
  • Identify organization-specific goals for achieving the three-part aim of improving care delivery, improving health, and reducing costs through improvement.
  • Begin to develop an action plan for establishing essential ACO functions.
To watch Dr. Berwick’s presentation, click here.

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