ACO Summit AM Roundup

We always feel a tad behind the power curve here on the West coast when events begin in the ‘ET’ AM zone circa, in Todd Park’s vernacular, ‘… 0 dark hundred.’

Such is the case for the 2nd National ACO Summit which has convened in Washington DC today with many of the names we’ve come to associate with leadership (both thought and on the ground) in the ‘accountable care’ conversation with our without the ‘O’.

See the complete agenda here.

For a hashtag summary courtesy of our friends at the Fox Group, see the recap and Twitter scroller, here.

And the emerging ‘digital footprint’ can be view here.

We’ll stay on top of notable quotes and key themes as they unfold.

Meanwhile my key take away from the AM session is summarized by the following quote from Steve Hester, MD, MBA
Senior Vice President and Chief Medical Officer, Norton Healthcare, Louisville, KY:

‘Change is coming whether we all like it or not..’



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