Tough Sledding Ahead for the EHR Industry?

Perhaps this exchange best illustrates the clash of culture between the ‘medical boots in the ground’ aka CMIO’s and the EHR industry. The names have been changed to protect the innocent or guilty depending on your perspective. Cast: A really smart and justifiably confident EHR engineer, programmer and system architect for a major EHR company with decent […]

Leading from the Future: A Thought Leadership Event on Accountable Care Organizations

And so the day/event arrives which brought me from San Diego to HIMSS 2011 Orlando arrives. Leading from the Future kicks off (though apparently there’s been some confusion with the schedule), at 1PM with Lee Sachs, EVP, and Chief Medical Officer, Advocate Health Partners. Advocate is perhaps one of the prototype ‘institutionally lead’, though private […]

‘Culture Wars’ at CMS?

By Gregg A. Masters, MPH The first declaratory though public announcement on when industry stakeholders could expect the highly anticipated guidance via the first round of a notice of proposed rule making (NPRM) process, was Q4 2010. Subsequent updates has suggested first a January, and now February, release date. Some of the skeptics referring to CMS as a ‘black box’ […]

Waiting for CMS

By Gregg A. Masters, MPH While we observe serial revisions in public release dates for the notice of proposed rules on Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs), lets play reading the “Berwick Tea Leaves’ particularly with respect to Administrator Berwick’s recent itemization of ‘the common core’ [of ACO’s] to attendees at the recent Brooking’s Event, ‘Achieving Better Care at […]

ACOs Forging the Links

By Ken Terry for HHN Magazine What hospitals need to know about accountable care; No. 1: Build strong relationships with physicians Building an accountable care organization is viewed by many hospital executives as the holy grail as they try to figure out how to better manage patient care across the continuum and as they brace […]

ACOs Can Work with Physicians in Charge | Study Looks at Effectiveness of a Primary Care-Led Accountable Care Organization

By Victoria Stagg Elliott, Amednews A hospital partner may not be necessary for an accountable care organization to be effective, according to a report analyzing a primary care-led ACO. Physicians increasingly are selling their practices to hospitals, which are buying in preparation for the development of ACOs and other aspects of health system reform. People […]

An ACO Watch: Mid-Week Review ‘Mea Culpa’!

The brodcast today on ACO Watch: A Mid-Week Review was a, well, d/i/s/a/s/t/e/r: Per Wikipedia: A disaster is a natural or man-made hazard that has come to fruition, resulting in an event of substantial extent causing significant physical damage or destruction, loss of life, or drastic change to the natural environment. A disaster can be […]

While We Wait for CMS Guidance on ACO’s

Medicare “Accountable Care Organizations” | Shared Savings Program | New Section 1899 of Title XVIII | Preliminary Questions & Answers The Affordable Care Act (ACA) improves the health care delivery system through incentives to enhance quality, improve beneficiary outcomes and increase value of care.  One of these key delivery system reforms is the encouragement of Accountable Care […]

Chasing Unicorns: The Future of ACOs

By Ian Morrison The accountable care organization is like a unicorn, a fantastic creature that is vested with mythical powers. But no one has actually seen one. I have re-blogged and re-tweeted (twitter@seccurve) this so often that I received all the credit for the line. Welcome to the Internet age. But in all fairness to […]

Healthcare’s Strategic Mis-adventures: A Trilogy – Act 1 The Hospital Systems

This is a somewhat arbitrary starting point, but given it’s scale, a reasonable place to begin none-the-less; but first a little context. Luke…there is a disturbance in the force! In the post ‘HMO Act’ era, circa the Nixon’s administration’s health care cost containment and quality promotion efforts, the antecedents where laid to transform health maintenance organizations (HMOs) […]