Leading from the Future: A Thought Leadership Event on Accountable Care Organizations

And so the day/event arrives which brought me from San Diego to HIMSS 2011 Orlando arrives.

Leading from the Future kicks off (though apparently there’s been some confusion with the schedule), at 1PM with Lee Sachs, EVP, and Chief Medical Officer, Advocate Health Partners. Advocate is perhaps one of the prototype ‘institutionally lead’, though private medical community integrated (via members IPAs in a ‘super PHO’ configuration) ACO. For context on Advocate Health Partners, click here.

Advocate’s history traces back to the PHO days, with local market IPAs as their member physician components. Unlike many of the PHO’s that un-winded in the late 90s, as many entities took charges to their balance sheets and ‘refocused on their core operations [of running hospitals]’, Advocate hung together and morphed into a ‘quasi’ perhaps hybrid virtual, but clinically and financially, integrated entity.

It will be of interest to hear what they have to say. They no doubt are one version of the elusive Unicorn‘.

For those of you attending HIMSS, the session in in room 414 A & B.

For Lee Sacks preso, click here.


Clinical Integration: The Foundation for Accountable Care | Wednesday, February 23, | 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM

Description:The session will describe Accountable Care Organizations, show how clinical integration creates value, and identify challenges for those who are building an ACO. Speaker Information: Lee SacksExecutive Vice President, Chief Medical Officer, Advocate Health Care


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