ACO Watch Off to HIMSS 2011 In Orlando!

We’ll be roaming the floors and exhibition halls at HIMSS 2011 in Orlando beginning this Monday, February 21st, on the hunt for newsworthy material of interest to the emerging ACO industry.

We’ll be tweeting via @2healthguru and @ACOwatch to the #himss11 hashtag, and hopefully grabbing interviews along the way, and perhaps subject to bandwidth and facility accommodations, live streaming some impromptu floor interviews with vendors, and conference participants (both faculty and general membership); and especially fellow health tweeps @matthewbrowning, @jbelz @jeffbrandt and @calliopeconsult!

Hoping to track down, fellow San Diegian surfer, John Mattison, MD, Chief Medical Information Officer, Kaiser Permanente Southern California, and HealthCamp San Diego co-conspirator, in between his four talks for an update on Kaiser Permanente’s connected health forays.

Also, the HIMSS New Media Meet-up sponsored by MedDecison and Ozmosis, also looking forward to Greenway Medical’s ACO Roundtable are first on the ACO Watch calendar.

More to come! Any surfers at HIMSS11?? Wednesday evening may be an option if there are waves!


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    1. I think you’re on to something! My ADD and organic travels will no doubt weave the tapestry of the journey (if that makes any sense at all!!). Will you be at new media meet-up? Am a blank canvas going into the week!

      1. You’ll love it. For someone interested in the healthcare IT world, it’s like being a kid in a candy store. Too much to take in and hard to decide what to check out next. I wish I didn’t have as many appointments as I do have despite telling people no a lot more than yes.

        I will be at the New Media Meetup. MEDecision might get mad if I didn’t show since I organized it;-)

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