Vince Kuraitis: ‘Is Hospital-Physician Integration Sustainable?’

On the Wednesday May 11th 2011 broadcast, at 11AM Pacific/2PM Eastern, consultant, blogger, noted speaker, and soon to be published author, Vince Kuraitis is my special commentator on the always ‘tender’ subject of physician/hospital alignment. Given the current scramble to position traditionally independent, siloed or discontinuous provider relationships into a coordinated tapestry of ‘accountable care’ if not a ‘per se’ ACO, the question arises: Is the marriage of two often historically troubled allies even possible, or might their be a more suitably aligned partner(s)?

In a recent blog post at e-Care Management Blog several noted thought leaders (including former guest commentator William DeMarco) chime in on the subject, see: ‘Is Hospital-Physician Integration Sustainable?

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