IPA 2.0 the Preferred ACO Chassis?

By Gregg A. Masters, MPH Earlier his morning I received an email from a colleague watching the ACO space for one of his clients. He wanted to draw my attention to an announcement by a Northern Virginia based company that supports physicians in independent practice. He also offered his client as commentator on the significance […]

Time for a New ‘IPA’? The Independent Patient Association

By Gregg A. Masters, MPH For some ‘IPA‘ is about conversation and spirit enabled conviviality often in micro-breweries scanning the daily options for consumption. While for others IPA conjures up images and memories of labored if not painful efforts to steward the phased transformation of the American healthcare [non]system from a production oriented fee-for-services silo […]

IPA + HIT (aka technology stack) x MSO = ACO

By Gregg A. Masters, MPH For those not familiar with the ever expanding ‘acronym soup’ we often take for granted inside the healthcare borg: I/P/A = Independent Practice Association | H/I/T = Health Information Technology | M/S/O = Management Services Organization Judging by the ‘anemic’ numbers specific to CMS forecasts for participants in the broad […]

L. Gordon Moore, MD on the Role of Primary Care in Accountable Care

By Gregg A. Masters, MPH In a week when Blue Shield of California served Monarch Healthcare as proxy for Optum aka United HealthGroup a $10.5 million damages demand for arbitration enumerating a number of contractual breaches, the following headline was also in the news (for full article, click here): Doctors decry Kern Medical Center cut of […]

Might There Be ‘Elephants In The Room’?

By Jeff Cohen ACOs and other new acronyms have swamped the minds of physicians and healthcare business people alike since the terms were coined.  The still new healthcare reform law continues to worry many and challenge others to figure out ways to play the game and win.  While we scurry around chasing the regs and […]

Summer Doldrums in ‘Taming The Beast’? Hardly!

We’ve been on somewhat of a ‘hiatus’ from the health reform, accountable care and health care enterprise organizational and market positioning conversation, yet the industry is not standing still. A few notable announcements will highlight some of the quiet if not ‘semi-stealth’ movement underway while the CMS/provider community regulatory fermentation process plays out. Congrats to […]

ACO Industry Stakeholder ‘Outrage’ | Theatrics or Substance?

By Gregg A. Masters, MPH Re-framed title: ‘CMS, ACO’s and ‘The Grapes of [special interests] Wrath?’ In the United States of Amnesia (“USA”), we seem to be drawn to a regular if not somewhat addictive ‘blame game’ pastime.  Watching the post ACO Notice of Proposed Rule release commentary, and subsequent update by CMS announcing the […]

Vince Kuraitis: ‘Is Hospital-Physician Integration Sustainable?’

On the Wednesday May 11th 2011 broadcast, at 11AM Pacific/2PM Eastern, consultant, blogger, noted speaker, and soon to be published author, Vince Kuraitis is my special commentator on the always ‘tender’ subject of physician/hospital alignment. Given the current scramble to position traditionally independent, siloed or discontinuous provider relationships into a coordinated tapestry of ‘accountable care’ […]

IPAs Again

By Jeffrey L. Cohen Independent practice associations (“IPAs”) are gaining momentum in response to healthcare reform and market changes responding to healthcare reform.  In an era when consultants are selling one-size-fits-all solutions, physicians have to consider IPAs as a viable option once again, but they have to fine tune their expectation to recent changes. In […]