Healthcare Change is Not Coming. Healthcare has Changed!

Why Clinical Integration is Essential for the Future of Independent Physicians Guest post by Ben Humphrey, MD, CPE, MGO Healthcare Consulting (1,2,3) We’re past the tipping point and are proceeding headlong into new market-driven accountability for quality, cost and value. As these large-scale changes progress, physicians who want to thrive and be positioned for long-term […]

Are ACOs ‘SMART’ or STUPID’? A Conversation with Jeffrey L. Cohen, Esq.

By Gregg A. Masters, MPH Some time ago a fellow healthtweep and colleague authored a post on his blog titled ACOs are STUPID. When I saw the title, I snickered thinking to myself here’s another cute sound byte in the then emerging chorus of ideological snipers taking aim at the Patient Protection and Affordable Care […]

Follow The Money?

By Jeffrey L. Cohen Conversation regarding ACOs and even healthcare reform itself is misplaced. The well established facts are (1) more people will receive health care, and (2) the cost of healthcare will come down. It does not matter whether the stimulus is a new law or just marketplace reaction. The fact is that a […]

Might There Be ‘Elephants In The Room’?

By Jeff Cohen ACOs and other new acronyms have swamped the minds of physicians and healthcare business people alike since the terms were coined.  The still new healthcare reform law continues to worry many and challenge others to figure out ways to play the game and win.  While we scurry around chasing the regs and […]

IPAs Again

By Jeffrey L. Cohen Independent practice associations (“IPAs”) are gaining momentum in response to healthcare reform and market changes responding to healthcare reform.  In an era when consultants are selling one-size-fits-all solutions, physicians have to consider IPAs as a viable option once again, but they have to fine tune their expectation to recent changes. In […]

Ignoring Primary Care: Obscuring the Obvious

By Jeffrey L. Cohen Healthcare reform used to imply just regulatory change.  As time marches on, it also implies market change.  Most pundits agree that, whatever happens to the healthcare reform law, whether or not it is found to be unconstitutional, the healthcare business community is unleashed.  Change is afoot! If you follow my nahsaying […]

ACO’s: Now We’re Just Being Silly

By Jeffrey L. Cohen By now, every physician has heard the term “Accountable Care Organization.” They have also heard the term “Irritable Bowel Syndrome,” which elicits similar response. We all know for instance ACOs are being proposed as the new healthcare delivery platform for the masses and that they are more an idea, an experiment, than […]